28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: sugar free tebley is save in pregnency?

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Answer: Hello dear sugar free tablet is not safe in pregnancy.. So I suggest you to avoid that
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Question: Is sugar free tabs safe in pregnancy?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sugar free tabs are not safe normally too and dangerous to use in pregnancy as they fake sugar body tendency to ask for sugar increases, and your cravings will increase a lot. You can substitute sugar with low calorie substitutes such as palm sugar and palm Jaggery. Take care
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Question: Sugar free teblet on tea...is save for 27 week pregnency?
Answer: Sugar free contains artificial sweetener it s not advisable during pregnancy...better try palm sugar or jaggery if u need a sweetner
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Question: Is it safe to take sugar free in pragnancy?? I m having sugar level so
Answer: Please follow whatever diet Dr asked u to follow...sugar free is not advisable
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