20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Suffering from vaginal itching. Pls help

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Answer: Use candid b3 cream
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Question: I am 9 weaks pregnant. M suffering from vaginal itching
Answer: Hello dear,  try these for itching,  hope it will help to get releaf  1.  A Cool Rag Try holding a cool rag or towel up against the vaginal area. Do not use hot water on the rag or it could further irritate the tissue. Switch to cool showers and not hot to keep from raising the body temperature. Hot water is very hard on sensitive skin and tissues. 2.  Adding Yogurt to Your Diet Eating yogurt is good for your health and helps to keep the body’s pH level balanced. Try to buy unsweetened and low-fat yogurt if you can and the Greek variety seems to balance pH the best. 3.  Baking Soda You can either make a baking soda paste or add it to your bath water. Soak the area for 10 to 15 minutes to help relieve inflammation and itching. If you apply the paste to your bottom area, make sure to rinse with cool water. This will also help relieve itching to the abdomen as it stretches. 4.  Loosening Up Your Clothing You won’t fit into those tight jeans your entire pregnancy or non-maternity underwear. If you have a lot of itching and your clothes are getting tight, it may be time for a shopping trip for maternity clothes. Do not wear any materials with lycra or spandex as they can trap moisture in close to the skin. 5.  Proper Underwear Time to ditch the thong underwear and invest in some good cotton maternity underwear. Any materials other than cotton can trap moisture and constrict causing itching. Here is the fun part, try going without your underwear/commando style at night when you are sleeping. This will help “air” the vaginal area during the night. 6.  Using Mild Products Use mild soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents and skip the bubble baths for now. You can use vinegar as a fabric softener as a natural alternative and leave out the harsh vaginal washes during pregnancy. The fragrances and chemicals can make the problem worse. 7.  Anti-Itch Cream In a pinch, you can try to find an anti-itch cream over-the-counter that does not contain any medications that would be harmful to your baby. Stay away from anything containing hydrocortisone as it can make the problem worse and not good for your body if used in large amounts. 8.  Personal Wipes For a quick refresh during the day, you can try a personal wipe after using the restroom or during the day to relieve itching. Wipes that contain witch hazel are all-natural, cooling and bring quick relief.
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Question: M suffering from vaginal itching. What to do
Answer: Hello, Dear it can because of some infection. Urine infection is normal during pregnancy because of high hormonal changes. But it's important to check with doctor to know the exact reason and to cure it immediately because it's not good if left untreated. You can do home remedies but it's important to check with doctor also. Here are few things that can help you; 1. drink plenty of water! This helps to flush the kidneys and cleanse the infection from the body. Adding freshly squeezed lemon will make it even more therapeutic.  2.  apple cider vinegar is yet another useful tool to naturally treat a UTI. It works by flushing out bacteria, and dislodging it from the urinary tract. It also helps to make the urine more acidic, so it’s unfriendly to bacteria growth. 3.Garlic is one of the most potent antibiotics, natural or prescription. You can take some in a teaspoon of raw honey (preferably this type which boosts immunity) to cover the spiciness. You want to crush your garlic clove and let it sit for 10 minutes as this creates a powerful compound called allicin to form. Take 1 crushed clove 3 times a day up or up to every 2 hours a day. 4.Cranberry juice can also be used, but it should be unsweetened, and it can be a little too tart for most taste buds. 5.Any time you use the bathroom, always wipe from front to back – starting at your vagina and wiping back to your bottom. This will keep your vagina clean, and avoid contaminating your vagina with any bacteria from your anal area. 6.Douches, feminine sprays, and scented powders can cause irritation and drying in your vagina and urethra. This can make it more likely that you’ll get a UTI. Skip these products, especially while pregnant.
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Question: Mam.. Suffering from little bit vaginal itching... No burning n all.. Itching only.. Pls help
Answer: Hello dear... vaginal itching can happen due to yeast or bacterial infection to the skin of vulva, it is normal, home remedies for vaginal itching as follows... Drink more water Reduce salt content in food Add yogurt in your diet Apply coconut oil Always keep your vagina clean and dry
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