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Question: Suffered abortion twice, Diaganosed with cmv igg virus, got treated with antibiotics. Now planning for pregnancy, what care should i take?

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Answer: If you have treated your illness completely then don't worry just keep trying for a baby ,have sex in the ovulation days as you must have known about it that ovulation happens from 11 to 14th day of your period cycle. so have sex in these days it will increase the chances and also keep Consulting with a gynecologist because she will guide you well to avoid any kind of complication.
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Question: Im 8weeks pregnant with Toxo-igG and CMV-IgG i need to take medication during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Dear! CMV is Cytomegalov virus. You need not worry about IGG positive as It indicates past infection and immunity but the IGM number in the report is very important as only that number can help to identify the risk. Please check the number and consult with Dr. without any further delay.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Yesterday i got positive pregnancy report through IVF... now what care should i take ??
Answer: Hi dear congrats have a safe pregnancy you should follow balanced and healthy diet eat regularly don't skip any of your me don't travel too long drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday walk a little distance gradually you can increase walking when months go away take more green vegetables fruits. take enough rest sleep at least 8 hours keep yourself and relaxed and fresh
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Question: I m 24 years lost my first pregnancy due to cmv and rubella virus it has been 5 months and now rubella igg and igm and cmv shows negative in my report.. Is it safe to plan for new pregnancy..??
Answer: I m also rubella positive and its since 2 yrs and 2 miscarriage
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