4 months old baby

Suddenly my baby ku fits came.. at that time some milk also came out.. y its happened? She is not having fever.. then why fits happening.. pl tell me soon

Please contact ur doctor
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Question: My baby has got suddenly fever she is vomiting along with loose motion she is not eating anything only she is breastfeeding please tell me y this is happening in her
Answer: Consult to a doctor. It could be stomach infection. Dont panic show her to a good doctor.Dont give her any outside food.
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Question: My baby is crying if i touch her right side ear.. some black color dust came out.. pl tell me wat is tat.. how to cure that?
Answer: Hello dear I think your baby has some kind of ear infection and as he is very small please don't do any home remedies take him to pediatrician he will check is yours truly and provide medication and ear drops take care
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Question: Before month my periods get late for 12 days,this month also its geting late now 7 days late yet its not came why its happening like that is any problem?
Answer: Hi,this is because if hormonal imbalance dear. You should consult your Dr and if reqd do hormonal levels test done to know if there is any hormonal imbalance which requires any medication
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