3 months old baby

Question: suddenly my baby crying and reject breastfeeding.. she never do tat..i gave her colicaid and i give her pacifier she suck and calm.. what is the reason?..

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Answer: Try to avoid too much of collic aid. Given when the baby is feeling gassy, but if the baby e is an feeding then collic aid will not help , also at 3 months a baby undergoes a growth spurt because of which they don't feel like taking milk or there is a change in their sleep pattern. Also I would advise you not to use pacifier. as when the baby will feel hungry he will not cry but just suck on The pacifier. And continue offering the baby will take it is just a phase
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    JEY SELVAM757 days ago

    thanks sis.. she suck pacifier when she feel sleepy not all the time sis.. she reject it when she is hungry..giving pacifier is bad i know sis..bt she use me pacifier after she is full.. What shall i do tat?

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    cena756 days ago

    Please stop pacifier..i was also giving pacifier to my baby when he use to cry he got so much gas n i went to doc but my doc told pacifiers make more gas and make colic in baby i stopped immediately

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    JEY SELVAM756 days ago

    k cena

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