20 months old baby

Question: Suddenly i noticed a swell on throat.. fever also there...first time it happened.. plz tell me wht wud b reason

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Answer: Could be please your thyrod levels once, go to dctr
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Question: Its my 14th week and I still have nausea and vomit once or twice. Yesterday I even noticed blood in my vomit and it was painful in the throat. Though it happened for the first time, i am worried
Answer: Hi,don't worry dear as it is normal. As you vomit out the lining of the esaphagus gets torn and leads to blood comming out in vomiting. So relax there is nothing to worry in that. If you have too much of vomiting byou should consult your Dr about some medications Also you can take coconut Fresh lime water Eat something immediately when you wake up from bed Eat something light every two hours Avoid citrus food and fruits You can also try peppermint as mint us very effective This will give you some relief bun vomiting Take care
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Question: My pregnency in 6 week and also i have 100 fever al time..plzz tell me reason?
Answer: Hii dear it is quite common to have higher body temp. During pregnancy but u should get urself checked once to the doctor that everything is normal. The reason of having higher temp bis generally due to high blood flow.
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Question: i have noticed spots on my panti ,but can not cleary say that it was of red colour ... because on my bathroom paper there was nothing that .. plz tell me the reason
Answer: It's call spotting. Normal for 1 day in first trimester. If it continues more than 1 day then go to doctor
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