34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sudden increase in baby movement ?

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Answer: Hello dear. Increase in movement could also indicate that something is wrong. If your baby's movement patterns change suddenly or drastically, contact your doctor immediately. Take care.
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    Ramasamy K65 days ago

    Okay, Thank you

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Question: sudden increase in fetal movement ..what does it mean?
Answer: Hi, if the number of movements is more, than nothing to worry. But if you feel like it is struggling, then call the doctor immediately and get his advice
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Question: I feel sudden movement of baby in my womb
Answer: Hi,this is normal to feel baby movements in fact as the baby will grow the baby movements will be more stronger This is a healthy sign
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Question: Does lactation powder results in sudden increase in weight???
Answer: Hi dear lactation powder can cause weight gain but it depends on what you are using to increase the milk usually Shatavari for example is a herbal supplement and it does not cause any kind of weight gain or lactare granules they also helps in enhancing breast milk but do not increase our weight .. Hope this helps!
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