14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sty inside my eye

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Answer: It's been six months since my c section and I have started experiencing a sharp pain while urinating. Is it common and any cause for concern. It goes away after 5 mins but is very painful while it lasts.
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Question: My baby eye inside green what is d reson
Answer: it is advisable to consult the doctor there could be some kind of energy please do not put any kind of jobs without consultation of a doctor in the meanwhile if there is any discharge you should you use cotton sterilize this waps to wipe the eyes of the baby which is more safe and hygiene
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Question: hi doctor my daughter's inside eye corners are started discoloring...wht can i o
Answer: nothing much to worry on but please check with your doctor asap as it might be any digestion issues or any other issues which needs to be treated as early as possible to get the color back.
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Question: Hello ..my baby girl had eye sty on right eye...what i do...pls help
Answer: Hello dear. It's better to consult your pediatrician. They would be able to prescribe the correct medications and dosage. Take care.
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