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Question: strictly water discharge during last trimester of pregnancy..is it symptoms of labor.. Please reply

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Answer: Hi..little spotting and brown/sticky discharge during pregnancy, is normal, therefore, do not worry. Keep yourself hydrated, drink lot of water and juices. Also, whenever next you will visit your gynaecologist, then inform her about it.. Symptoms of labor, depends on individual to individual. I can tell you few such as cramping in regular intervals, with increased back pain, vaginal discharge colour changes, loose feeling joints, water bag bursts, stronger and more frequent contractions etc.
Answer: Might be... Better consult doctor soon
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Question: sticky water discharge during last trimester of pregnancy..is it symptoms of labour.. Please reply
Answer: Hello Dude! Hopefully the water discharge may green-tinged or brownish yellow color, stay calm and call your doctor immediately. Around the last trimester, you are going to experience a discharge of amniotic fluid. But PleasebDon't be panic. Please consult the doctor. May be some good news waiting for you my dear.
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Question: Drinking warm water during last trimester of pregnancy
Answer: hi dear warm water helps a lot by improving digestion helps to clean your stomach and also helps a lot to avoid indigestion and constipation you can drink warm water good luck
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Question: It is safe to eat mangoes during second trimester of pregnancy. Please reply.
Answer: Hi mangoes contain oxytoxin which may cause problems during pregnancy and may cause uterine contractions so it is better to avoid eating mangoes during pregnancy.
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Question: Brownish discharge......is it symptoms of labor pain
Answer: It could be but it should be follow by labor pains. Or water break or leakage something of that sort or if the bleeding starts. I am sharing some of the sy,mptoms with you so that you know when it happens. In the first stage of labour, your contractionsgradually open your cervix. Early contractions may feel like period pain. You may have cramps or backache, or both. Or you may just have aching or heaviness in the lower part of your tummy. Six common signs to look for when the baby might be on its way. 1.) The baby drops 2.) Strong and regular contractions 3.) Her water breaks 4.) Lower back pain and cramping 5.) Bloody vaginal discharge 6.) Diarrhea or nausea. Other signs of preterm labor include vaginal bleeding or spotting, unusual vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, pressure in your pelvic area, or low back pain. Your waterbreaks or you suspect that you're leaking amniotic fluid. Early labor will last approximately 8-12 hours. Your cervix will efface and dilate to 3 cm. Contractions will last about 30-45 seconds, giving you 5-30 minutes of rest between contractions. Contractions are typically mild and somewhat irregular but become progressively stronger and more frequent. Hope i helped.
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