32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Stretch marks with rashes solution please please

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Answer: I can understand your concern its very painful. Apply ice packs followed by coconut oil and Aloe Vera Gel to get some relief.. try not to scratch stretch marks otherwise it will leave marks. Apply oil for 2-3 times a day to avoid getting stretch marks. Take care.
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    Radhika Goyal7 days ago

    Thank you so much dear

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Question: Stretch marks removal tip
Answer: Well the logic behind preventing stretch marks is to keep the skin well moisturised..you can use any cream that is rich in vitamin e.I usually used coconut oil that worked best..some ladies use expensive oils and creams like bio oil,strechnil creams..keep yourself hydrated too..use it from very beginning of pregnancy too..
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Question: How to cure stretch marks around the belly
Answer: Vitamin E enriched Argan oil increases the elasticity of the skin and rubbing it on the stretch marks might heal the broken tissues gradually making the marks fade. And use daily lemon juice or simply rub a sliced lemon wedge on your marks to see results.
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Question: Stretch marks kaise remove karein koi oil or any lotions please suggest kariye..
Answer: Luciara cream. Is good cream to remove stretch marks.
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