3 months old baby

Question: Stretch marks on breast feels like my skin is going to tear. Painful even without touching.what can i do to relieve

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Answer: Hi dear z don't scratch and apply body butter. I got from mama earth and it really work well. Having pain is due to milk formation . Also make sure to wear a proper fitted brA as not wearing bra also give pain.
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Question: mine 8th month is going on.. Wat is the best I can do to prevent stretch marks..
Answer: nothing dear. it happens and nothing helps to prevent it. no bio oil no coconut... nothing works. enjoy motherhood and this will fade away with time.
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Question: What can I do for stretch marks on my belly?
Answer: Hello dear... Stretch marks can occur due to stretching of muscles,and it is common during pregnancy but if you have high salt content in your body, it will cause itching a lot in tummy,result in more stretches For this you have to take care of stretch mark during pregnancy itself is a good option, apply baby lotion on tummy,during night time, will gradually decrease itching in your bump While coming to postpartum care, massage coconut oil in your stretch mark will help,coconut oil act as a natural moisturizer too... Applying Coco butter on stretch mark will do miracles in get rid of them. You can gradually apply coconut butter on your marks. Stretch mark serum are also available from in all drug stores, it proven to give better results. It also makes skin soft and supple
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Question: How can i prevent my skin from stretch marks?
Answer: Hello dear, Stretch marks may occur when our body suddenly gains or loses excess weight. During pregnancy, with the growing baby inside womb, the skin stretches beyond its capacity, leading to ugly looking stretch marks. Its always better to treat them as early as possible. U can try some home remedies to get rid of stretch marks for example use natural oils or massage with cocoa butter moisture, u can also apply aloe version gel or petroleum jelly. U can also prepare natural moisturiser at home by mixing a few drops of your favourite essential oils with a coconut or almond oil. It worked for me hope it will do for you as well.  All the very best! 
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