33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Stress during pregnancy side effects??

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Answer: Taking stress during pregnancy will increase your blood pressure level which is not at all good in pregnancy so please avoid stress
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Question: What are the effects of excess mental stress during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy, hormone changes can affect brain chemicals and cause sadness and anxiety. It does have impact on ur child. A child may have: 1 have problems sleeping, 2 may be delayed in their development, 3 have more colic, 4 be quiet or 5 develop skills or reach developmental milestones later than other babies. Involve urself in meditation, listen to good n soothing music , read good books
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Question: Any side effects homepathy medicine during pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi...there are various medicines in homeopathy which can be given to a pregnant lady not all the medicines can be given during the pregnancy, so its safe and healthy to take them.
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Question: side effects of bending during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, there's no reason to worry while bending during pregnancy.... except for when you have back pain bending down must be avoided...
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