24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Stomach pain my baby movement heavy

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Answer: Hello dear, Unfortunately, It is normal for the baby's movements to sometimes hurt the mummy, when the baby has a foot or arm pressed against the ribs, pelvic or abdomen, The pain can feel sharp or dull, or you may feel numbness. your baby's movements may actually be a sign that he's doing well. During your second trimester, This is because his growing muscles are becoming stronger, making his movements more powerful.
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Question: My baby having heavy stomach pain..wt to do?
Answer: your baby is too small and his digestive system has definitely immature which is causing the gastric disturbances in him.Try these tips:Hing paste-hing and water (boil it together) and apply around navel are in circular motion. Massage tummy with warm oil daily for 5 mins, Leg exercises by holding your baby's legs and moving them in cycling motion, Burp-hold your baby,with head on shoulder and slowly pat his back for 15-20 mins atleast-even if he burps in first few minutes Make sure you feed your baby at slightly elevated angle These tips should definitely help your baby and prevent further gas problems
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Question: My stomach is full tighting and heavy back pain
Answer: You are near to ur delivery.keep walk ana drink lots of water.
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Question: Heavy stomach pain what is the reason?
Answer: Ho,this could be round ligament pain which happens due to expansion of uterus.you should sit down on the bed and keep your legs straight up .you can bend slightly towards the pain and can also do hot water compression.this should help.
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