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Question: stomach pain during periods is normal? when it is called abnormal?

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Question: Stomach pain during pregnancy is it normal ?
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy,stomach pain happen due to stretching of muscles, it is normal, it can also happen due to dietary changes, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have 5-6 small meals Drink 2-3 litreof water a day Include more fibre rich food, fruits and veggies Avoid oil, fried, gas related food You can also drink cumin water, buttermilk If you have severe pain, please consult doctor
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Question: It had been6days i missed my periods ..when to do pregnancy test and my under stomach aches often is normal or abnormal
Answer: Dear the pain you are having in the lower abdomin is normal during a pregnancy and is considered as an early pregnancy symptom.if it has been 6 days you can do the home pregnancy test tomorrow morning with the first urine. Hopefully it will be positive. Hope it helps.
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Question: During backache, legpain,head ache ,nause ,brest pain samelike periods pain she doubt it is normal or abnormal
Answer: Hi. They are completely normal. They are caused by hormonal changes in the body.
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