17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hiii still why i do not feel any baby movement in my womb...is everything okk???

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Answer: hi dear ! normally fetal movements starts between 16-25 weeks.
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Question: Iam 22 weeks pregnant but still didn't feel any baby movement. Done d anomaly scan everything is normal. When i feel my baby movement iam exiting to feel
Answer: Sometime between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy, you will start to feel your baby move. At first, these small movements feel like fluttering or "butterflies." Some women say that they feel like gas bubbles. These first flutters are sometimes called "quickening." You'll probably begin to feel your baby move, yourself, between 16 and 22 weeks. It usually takes a little longer for your baby's activity to be noticeable outside your belly.
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Question: When do i feel my baby movement?
Answer: Hey congrates to u dear don't worry if u r not feeling any baby movements.. Pregnant women can feel babys movement at 17 to 18 weeks .some womens feel late as 18 to 25 weeks. . Soon u ll feel these movents first u feel fluttering or bubbling or a very.slight shifting movement...enjoy ur pregnancy
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Question: Hey mommies It's my 18th week and still I couldn't feel any moments of my baby. Nor do I have any baby bump till now. Why is that do is it normal
Answer: Don't worry sis . its normal.I also feel my baby kicks from 20 th week.
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