8 months old baby

Question: Still my baby"s teeth not coming nd she is not walking with the help of hand and leg knee support when she start

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Answer: Every baby is different so are their activities, please note some baby's learn late and its absolutely fine. May be he is getting developed at others areas. Don't worry he will start walking soon and also his teeth will come soon..so, don't worry
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Question: My baby is now 14 months... but she is not start walking yet.. whats will be the reasons
Answer: Don't take tension.. My son started to walk on 17th month.. Keep patience and keep practicing to make him walk with you.. Soon he will start to walk by himself.. Not to worry..
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Question: My baby is not walking yet... What should I do... When will he start walking
Answer: Every baby is different, give him leg massage. Encourage him to walk. Give time your baby will walk soon
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Question: Hi my baby is 13 months n she s not speaking yet...v hv done hearing test it was normal and even she stand by own...with support she stand by herself n walk with support... But without support she s not standing....
Answer: Dont worry.. few kids takes there sweet time... dont take much tension.. she will do soon.
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