9 months old baby

Question: Still my baby was not crawling? What will be the reasons behind it.

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Answer: Don't Worry she will crawl.My baby started crawling after completing 11months.N doctor says there no specific month by which the baby should crawl.Till time baby is active with all physical movements it's fine.Just Try keeping your baby on plain surface on floor as much as possible with her toys around.
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Question: My baby bumb looks big then it should be as per 25 weeks... What could be the reasons behind it?
Answer: Hello dear, bigger bump could be due to more fluid retention or larger placenta or due to the position of the baby...
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Question: My baby still not crawling. What reason ?
Answer: Hi dear, So crawling is actually not a mandatory milestone to acheive.many babies skip crawling and directly stand up.my baby strangely stented occasional crawling after standing.so babies are different and grow in their own pace.have some patience and trust your baby.give some tummy time to your baby which might encourage her to move around.
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Question: Hi, my baby will be 9 months old. He is still not crawling. Is it ok?
Answer: Hello dear. Most babies learn to crawl between the ages of 7 months and 10 months. Each baby would be different and might opt for different type of movements like: scooting around on the bottom, using a hand behind and a foot in front to propel, slithering on stomach, or rolling across the room. Take care.
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