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Question: Sperm out after sex

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Answer: there is nothing wrong if the sperms are out after sex because out of those millions sperms just one is required to make you pregnant and that one is supported with the mucus in your body which carries it to the eggs you don't have to worry about that
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Question: Why the sperm comes out after sex...??
Answer: Usually the most sperm goes inside when the time of ejaculation but  if all the sperm comes out then while having sex make sure to keep a pillow under your hipsand raise the hips area abit and after sex stay in that position for atleast 10-15 minutes. This willprevent leakage..
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Question: After sex why sperm come out
Answer: Dear usually after intercourse sperms wll move up and the secretions remaining will comeout,it is not the sperms that too sperms are invisible to our naked nothing to happy
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Question: After sex why sperm comes out
Answer: Dear , its normal and safe for each and everyone. after ejaculation healthy sperm will enter in cervix and rest all semen will come out after few seconds. So don't worry about it.
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