4 months old baby

Question: Soon after my delivary (tge very next month i got period.Any problem?.reason?

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Answer: Hi dear there is No such problem. As every pregnancy is different. U can't compare one new Mom to other. Few don't get period till 6 months the time u r breastfeeding ur baby. But fed mom do gey period soon after delivery also.
Answer: It happens in some women..
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Question: I have 21 days gap between period.Any problem?
Answer: Hi Dear! 21 days cycle is normal and doesnt cause any issue in pregnancy, in 21 days the cycld is short and you ovulate right after your periods because generally ovulation happens 12-16 days before your next period hence its imp fr you to knw If you r planning fr pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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Question: After how many days i will have sex after delivary i have normal delivary but got stitches at vagina
Answer: Hello dear, wait for at least 1 more month. Stitches will take time to completely heal atleast 2 month. After that you can enjoy.
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Question: After delivery next month i got periods but in this month didnt come my husband does sex without condom whats the reason suggest ways to get periods??
Answer: Hi Periods ll be irregular after delivery and do take dates with milk boiled daily to gets regular periods..as you had missed periods and had intetcourse just do take a home pregnancy test for safteir side
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