3 months old baby

Question: Enoda son 3 months ava 4 days ku ones tha pokara brest feed mattutha kuda ka any problems plz answer me

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Question: Mujhy Brest feed karny mai 3 days se bahut pain ho raha is there any solution please help me?
Answer: hi dear! -Applying warm compresses, taking warm showers, or leaning your breasts over warm water before you feed the baby can be very helpful. -Massaging your breasts helps in milk flow. -Wearing a correct-fitting breastfeeding bra and avoiding underwire bras minimizes discomfort. -Massaging the breastfeeding pain lumps towards the nipple when the baby is feeding can help in draining the duct. and these pains are very normal when the milk duct gets blocked or when the breasts gets full with milk but then there is nothing to worry with some gentle massage and home remedies it will come back to normal dear. also see to it that there is no cracked nipple that can be painful also in such case you can lubricate the nipple by expressing the milk. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Plz answer... 3mnth scan cervix length 3.2.. nxt scn 3.. is there any problems?
Answer: Yes it is reduced, what did your doctor suggested you You should take rest and avoid physical exertion You may need cervical stitches if there is a progressive shortening in cervical length to prevent premature delivery , please follow your doctor's advice
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Question: My period 2 days... For previous 4 months... But pahle 3 to 5 days ka hota tha...
Answer: Hi, you should consult with your gynac as it looks like there is some hormonal imbalance which will come in way of your conceiving. All the best. Take care dear.
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