30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Somewhere i heared that if we are planing for a baby and want a baby boy then we should do sex in even days of our conception days then we will have baby boy... Doing in odd days will get a baby girl.. Is that true?? Is someone aware about this??

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Answer: Hi dear unfortunately I am unaware of any such theory and I am very sure that these are theories do not work as they do not have any medical base hence I would suggest you to please do not fall for these myths.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is it true that if you have severe vomiting in the initial months then it will be a baby boy
Answer: Hi dear it is a myth that u can get to k ow about the baby sex with varius symptoms and signs. I will be able to know only after delivery.
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Question: Is it true that baby girl will stay in mothers womb more than a baby boy??
Answer: Not true all these are superstitions are wrong. It all depends on the dialation of cervix of normal delivery. If the cervix dailates fast the baby will come out soon whether it's boy or girl.
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Question: is it true that if we crave for sweet its a boy and sour its a girl
Answer: hi, it is absolutely a myth and nothing to do with realities. Boyfriend or girl are dependent on the X and Y chromosome. Hence, just enjoy the pregnancy
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Question: is this possible that if we r pregnent with baby boy our body will face some problem but in case of baby girl we cant face such problems.. ??
Answer: General sayings are like the symptoms changes with the baby's gender. But it's not scientifically proven.
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