23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sometimes my belly is very big sometimes is very small it any dangerous...pls tell me

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Answer: No, don't worry..it's baby when it stretching u feel it big and baby still u feel it small
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Question: Hie am 24 weeks pregnant bt my belly is very small it's not growing at all and at which week the belly start growing big plz tell me
Answer: No worries dear even I have small belly in my pregnancy every one used compare my tummy with others, I spoked with doctor regarding this she said if your having first baby,you need sometime to stretch your tummy muscles and if you having healthy baby tummy size is not a matter of concern 🤰👩‍⚕️
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Question: My baby belly button is very big in shape .when he is cry it will become too large .is it pian to my baby pls tell me
Answer: No it will not pain while delivery doctors cut by draging so it looks big in size while baby growing it will become normal in size
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Question: I feel some time my bump is very big but sometimes i feel very small bump why is it so?
Answer: it is because the way the baby adjusts in the stomach sometimes it pushes and sometimes it squeezes itself
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