3 months old baby

Question: Sometimes my baby vomits water kind of liquid is it normal

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Question: My lower abdomen is paining sometime it pains very hard sometimes I feel little relax it is normal
Answer: Dear it seems like labour pains.if abdominal tightening is on and off without any pain can also normal sometimes.but if it is with pain on and off please visit doctor immediately.all the best for your delivery.take care
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Question: Hi Doctor, my baby is 2 months old, he is spitting up milk too often. My mother in law advised me to give gripe water. Does it lead any kind of health issues?
Answer: I heard gripe water has some amount of alcoholic content
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Question: I can't feels anything, kind of any pain as pregnancy in my abdomen, is it ok with me??
Answer: After 5th month only u can feel movement in ur stomach before that ur stomach will be like bloated stomach which means ur stomach will be harder than usual
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