17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sometimes I feel there is nothing in my stomach how to know baby is alright in my stomach

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Answer: hi do not worry there your baby is growing well as long as understand if the baby's weight is increasing there is nothing to worry the doctor will monitor the growth in the baby tube through the stands don't worry you should eat healthy take good rest and you should keep yourself well hydrated all these factors will help in the baby is proper growth and development
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Question: Sometimes I feel nothing in my stomach,. Is it normal
Answer: Hii dear it is normal as u will feel ur baby from 25th wek of ur pregnancy. Right now ur baby size is very very small. U will. Only get early pregnancy cy symptoms.
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Question: Why my stomach becomes light sometimes I feel as if like there is nothing in my stomach in pregnancy
Answer: We feel sometimes like that only. Once we done with anamoly scan we will have some relief. Later movements will be started
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Question: Hii some time i feel the movement of the baby but sometimes there is no movement how i come to know that baby is alright in the womb?
Answer: Don't worry dear your baby should be alright in all times baby don't make moment sometimes we take rest no like wise the baby also take some rest if you make any different moment or baby feel something noise will make some moment and take to kick you this the normal one you don't worry about your baby but you should sit very safe position for your baby's safety if the baby feel uncomfortable it will make some moment ok
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Question: Why my stomach becomes light sometimes I feel like nothing is there....???
Answer: Hi,don't worry dear it happens,each day in pregnancy you will feel different symptoms so do not worry you must be feeling heavy could be due to gas or acidity also when you feel heavy you should take Ginger Honey face for peppermint one teaspoon you should have adequate intake of water all this will help you and there is nothing to worry
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