29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sometimes getting frequently 2 , 3 sneezing while that my right rib is paining is it normal dears

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Answer: Hello dear. It is normal during pregnancy to get rib pain as due to expanding uterus and growing baby puts pressure on ribs. Even the baby kicks in the ribs which causes pain. So sneezing with increase that pressure. It is normal nothing to worry. Hope it helps.
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Question: My 2 year old son gets hiccup frequently while laughing. Is that normal
Answer: Hi,it's absolutely normal,as a mother even I use to worry about that ,my daughter who s 8 yes still gets this,even I had consulted with my Dr and he said there is nothing to worry in that So don't worry let the baby laugh and be happy
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Question: My urine getting leaked while sneezing. Is it common?
Answer: Hello Yes it's very common and normal. Due to the pressure of ur uterus put on ur bladder controlling ur urine becomes tuf. So whn u cough sneeze or laugh very hard a little urine comes out.
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Question: while sneezing im getting lower right abdomin sharp pain is it ok..safe??
Answer: yes sneezing puts pressure on your bladder, sometime its oainful and sometime you may leak urine as well.
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