30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sometimes feel my tummy is big and small? Plz tell me

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Question: My tummy is big so plzzz tell reduce my tummy after c section
Answer: Hello dear. I did yoga and walking which helped in reducing tummy but I waited for 3 month to do these after my cesarian. Before that I used maternity belt. I started using after 10 days of my cesarian. And it was relaly effective. Hope it helps.
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Question: If tummy is big it is girl if tummy is small it is boy is it true or false
Answer: Hi, so many people says like that, and 90% of that become correct, and also sometimes it becomes wrong. We can't decide that 100%
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Question: Sometimes my belly is very big sometimes is very small it any dangerous...pls tell me
Answer: No, don't worry..it's baby when it stretching u feel it big and baby still u feel it small
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