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Question: Sometime i have itching in my vagina specially the clitorus area. wat does it mean?

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Answer: Hello! It could be due to vaginal infection. Keep the area clean and dry,  was panties in hot water and antiseptic also preferable to change panty twice a day also you could consider not wearing panty in the night just some lose shorts. If still the problem persists, then consult the doctor.  Take care 
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Question: Hi guys...i feel a lot of itching in my vagina area...what to do
Answer: Vaginal itching could b a sign of infection.looks like you might have yeast infection,if it accompanies with discharges.wash your vagina with plain water regularly.check with doctor for any medicine.take lot of probiotics,you can take curd helps to increase the good bacteria in body.
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Question: I feel pressure on my vagina when my baby moves in the womb below the naval area. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, mild pelvic pain and vaginal pressure is common while baby moving and in pregnancy, as growing uterus puts pressure on the pelvis causes not to is not To worrytake care
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Question: Sometimes i have too much itching in my vagina.. What is the reason?
Answer: Consult dr. They will give some ointment. Keep vagina clean with water. These peob will go in 2nd trimester
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