Few weeks old baby

Question: Someone told me that the presence of my husband can cause hormonal changes in my body nd consequently milk production can be decreased..is it true?

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Answer: No it's not true. Milk production is basically increased on the amount of food you eat. It has nothing to do with your husband.
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Question: Someone has told me that drinking limited amount of beer is healthy in 2nd trimester As it can heal the heat of the body Is it true and safe?
Answer: Hi Dear, Intake of alcohol during pregnancy may not much safe for baby. Even though small amounts, alcohol is low level of enzyme drinks are harm for baby inside the womb. The blood will circulate to baby and csuses birth defects like fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in babies. There is no benefits has been detected on occasional intake of alcohol. You can take healthy drinks to heal the body heat....like watermelon, muscmelon, cucumber, coconut water, you can take ragi java. Get more water. These are healthy for you and your baby.
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Question: Hi dr, someone told that if we sleep afternoon, the amniotic fluid level will be increased due to water content in body. Is it true??
Answer: Hi dear it is just a myth and nothing else. It's difficult to know why fluid get Increase but dats why to monitor proper pregnancy timely ultrasound takes place.
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Question: Is it true that milk production is decreased after 3 months. If it is decreased what is the solution
Answer: Dear drink menthi tea It is very useful and eat oats also I used it. it very useful to me
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