11 months old baby

Question: Someone says don't give Buiscuit to babies...is it??

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Question: Can I give milk to baby in sleeping position.... Someone says it cause ear infection
Answer: Hi dear, you can feed your baby while lying down, there is no problem in it. As if you notice we always fee baby in lay down position of baby so wheather you lay down or not is okay. Just few things which I did when I use to feed my baby might also be helpful for you. Place your baby on his or her back in the middle of a large bed. Lie on your side, next to your baby with your head on a pillow (make sure the pillow is not near your baby's head). You can also put a pillow between your legs and one up against your back if these help with your comfort.
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Question: Can we give diluted orange juice for 33 days old baby...someone says that it is good for consipation in babies
Answer: Hi ... Constipation is normal in babies... Dont feed anything othr than breast milk or formula feed.. as babies grow constipation automatically reduces...
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Question: Can i give horlicks buiscuit to my 6 month baby
Answer: Buisuit contains refined maida which is not good for baby. Its better to avoid . You can gve solid food like banana porridge,oats,raggi etc
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