14 months old baby

Question: Somebody did mention about powdering nuts in proportion for milk for 14 month baby... can't locate that article now

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Question: Hi... for ma 1st baby i can't feed..... breast milk did not come... I don't know why.. now am 5 months pregnant ... what should I do for don't face that problem again???
Answer: Hello! During pregnancy, there is nothing much to do. What you can do is have plenty of vegetables,fruits,dry fruits, milk and milk products, pulses, whole grains, if you take non veg then egg on daily basis, also have fish and chicken in your diet. Take plenty of water. The key to good food is having a nutritious balanced diet. When the baby is born, increase skin to skin contact, take the baby more to the nipples and offer the baby to suck and also use breast pump to pump milk even if you don't have a drop of milk. These all stimulates the milk glands. Don't offer nipples to the baby when the baby is very hungry, other than rest you can give. Hope this helps. Take care
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Question: i am 10 weeks pregnant but can't drink milk is that any issue for my baby
Answer: Hi. You can add some protien powder as per your taste there are several to choose from. But if still its a problem you can. Have yogurt, paneer, cheese, butter milk, etc.
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Question: My baby is 6 month old now, can i give him amul gold milk? Should i add water to it? If yrs what proportion?
Answer: Hi dear I feel we should give milk after one year so that baby won't become obese and till that more of formula or breast milk
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