3 months old baby

Question: Some vaccination are optional in government hospital they give only mandatory those optional vacation is compulsory or what?

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Answer: Hi dear it is ur call as if u want to go for optional or not . That's why it is called optional vaccination as there is more of chances of baby get affected for disease if not take compulsory injection. So do take it
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Question: Hi...m getting all vaccination for my baby in government hospital, but apart from that in private hospital they give some extra vaccination,is it enough to take vaccination from government hospital or we should also take extra vaccination from private hospital,,, is it necessary
Answer: Extra vaccinations are not really necessary. But u can take few like flu vaccination or ones which u feel is necessary in your place.
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Question: Wish to know about free vaccination provided in government hospitals. Are all the vaccines provided in govt.hospitals or only few are provided.please mention those vaccines not provided in govt.hospitals and need to be given in private hospital
Answer: Use home remmidies like ginger tulsi and honey/ Pipli saunt and honey / mulethi. You can try any of these remedy they are equally effective.Ginger will help digestion as well as remove the irritation felt in throat while coughing.Make sure u take this 2-3 times a day not more than that.since excessive intake will heat up your body
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Question: Is it necessary to give pcv and rota vaccination at 6 weeks..or are they optional???
Answer: Every injection mentioned in chart is important for baby.
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