6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Some times I'm drinking cool water it's harm for my 3 weeks baby

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Answer: Hii occasionally it is fine but regular intake can led to miscarriage or the larger size baby. Some midwife's also says that such babies can catch asthma. But medically it is proved that excess of cold water can led to stomach issue and can affect ur teeth.
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    Jaya Jaya961 days ago

    Thnku mam for your suggestion

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Question: Am 10 weeks pregnant now i take drinking cool water
Answer: Hello dear Pregnant mums are usually advised not to drink cold water because it can cause the child she is carrying to be large or may cause miscarriage. However, scientifically, it is always safe to consume cold water .So taking cold water will not affect your growing baby. But always remember moderation is the key.
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Question: I'm 35 weeks 4 dys some drops water leaking in vagina it's not continues daily once or twice 2 or 3 drops is it harm to my baby
Answer: Hi dear, First find out if it is amniotic fluid or urine leakage.amniotic fluid would be odourless and colorless,while urine would have smell of ammonia.spmetimes white discharges would also have similar texture but would be white tinted. In case of amniotic fluid leakage ,you need to inform your doctor soon.
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Question: Drinking cool water during pregnancy
Answer: It is safe to drink cold water during pregnancy. It does not affect baby. But drinking extremely cold water can cause sore throat infection to the mother. So drink in moderate levels
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