6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Some times i get sneezing, will it br problem .i am scared

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Answer: Hello dear If u took proper medication then it will not create any problem. Remedies for sneezing : 1. Keep urself awsy from sneezing causing factors. 2. Improve ur immunity levels by taking vitamin c supplements 3. wash your face with water when sneezing. 4. Keep ur hands clean 5. Add a few drops of pure eucalyptus oil on your handkerchief and sniff it to clear the nasal passage while easing out the sneezing. 6. Apply a little petroleum jelly with clean hands inside the nasal passages. It will moisturize the dried passages, preventing sneezing.
Answer: No dear. Your baby is absolutely safe surrounded by amnuitic fluid. Even if you sneeze 100 times your baby would not be feeling a thing. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi dear, Coughing it sneezing won't effect your baby.youe baby is in a highly protective sac.donot worry.
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Question: I am sneezing continuously..will it harm my baby ?? Pls suggest some home remedies to get well soon.
Answer: Dear only thing ur baby feels when you sneeze is a rocking sensation, which is more than likely comforting to her. The tightening you feel is the uterus clamping up momentarily, it is after all a muscle. You can sneeze a 100 times in a row and it wouldn't do her the least bit of damage. There are many effective, safe, and natural remedies for cough and cold during pregnancy, many of which can be used during a flu as well. Here is a list of things you can keep on hand in case you become sick: Garlic – Part of the onion family, garlic is a powerhouse against the cold during pregnancy! During pregnancy, it’s best to consume 1 crushed, raw garlic clove with each meal. If your cold is acute, you could increase your garlic consumption to 1 crushed, raw clove per every 2-3 hours. I like to smear in raw honey for taste and added benefits. Apple Cider Vinegar – Raw preferably. ACV alkalinizes the body and most illnesses can’t thrive in alkaline environments. It also contains good bacteria which helps to fight of infection. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of ACV into water or tea and drink 3 times a day. Gargle with ACV OR warm water with salt and turmeric to soothe a sore throat. Honey – raw, local honey is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. Take 1 tsp., three times a day Onion – raw onion has phytochemicals that help keep the respiratory tract open. You can make a black bean or beef burger and top with lots of onions and mustard. Clear, unsweetened liquids – Dehydration is more of a concern in pregnant women than in non-pregnant women so being diligent about staying hydrated is important. Homemade lemonade, bone broth, herbal teas, coconut water and this special electrolyte drink are all fantastic. Stay away from caffeine as this can further dehydrate you. Homemade chicken soup – take your bone broth and cook in a pot with onion, carrots, celery, mushrooms, parsley and cut up chicken. Add sea salt for taste and mineral boost. Warm salt water – use as a gargle for a sore throat or with a neti pot for congestion. High quality probiotic – supports general health and good immune response. I like this one best. The following herbs can be helpful for cold symptoms but should only be used in food/beverages and not in concentrated supplement form. Cayenne powder – antimicrobial, analgesic, and expectorant. Garlic – antiviral, antibiotic, and antiseptic. Ginger – antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Good for upset tummy. Thyme (Ajwain ke fool) – antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, expectorant, and astringent. Great for respiratory infections, coughs, and upset tummy. Cinnamon – antiviral, and antibiotic. Hope this helps.
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Question: In which week baby will get strong.. because i am scared when i do some works
Answer: You can start workkng from 3 or 4th months onwards
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Question: I am 4th month pregnant. I get sometime sneezing problem. Continues a day full I get sneezing cnt control. I am worried is der any problem
Answer: The only thing u would feels when you sneeze is a rocking sensation, which is more than likely comforting to her. The tightening you feel is the uterus clamping up momentarily, it is after all a muscle. You can sneeze a 100 times in a row and it wouldn't do her the least bit of damage
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