23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Some people tell me that drinking mothers horlicks will increase the weight of a baby and lead to C section. If baby is over weight normal delivery is difficult. Is this true. Am got fear to drink mother horlicks. Is that true pls help me frndss

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Answer: It's not related....don't worry.....mother Horlicks is fr u only
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    Priyanga Sri977 days ago

    Thank uuu ma

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Question: Is it true that we get belly if we drink more water after c-section
Answer: No dear it is not true. Infact you have to drink more water to keep hydrated which keeps constipation away and keeps ur digestion good. I had ajwain water which was extremely helpful for me after csection. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello doctors and mothers... Some people telling tat drinking hot water ll affect d baby.. Is tat true?? Bcos am often drink hot water only...
Answer: Hello dear Drink warm water during pregnancy as it helps combat dehydration, fatigue and infections but don't drink too much hot water as it can cause burns in your mouth and throat but don't know that it will have ill effect on baby.
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Question: Will mothers horlicks can drink to increase baby weight
Answer: Yes dear .. mother's horlicks is good during pregnancy. Mothers horlicks contains many nutrients like iron, magnesium, zinc,folic acid, vitamin A, b6 and b12 . This will improve the weight of the baby.
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