5 months old baby

Question: Some one has told me to give massage to my 5 month old baby boy's penis to develob the foreskin and few drops of mustard oil in it....i wants to ask is it necessary to do such things or penis foreskin develop naturally

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Answer: Hello! It is not necessary to do all these things. The foreskin will develop on its own. Infact ,doing all these are not hygienic too. Take care
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Question: I m blessed with baby boy. My mother in law always says that we have to remove foreskin of penis by applying oil. I want know it is necessary to open or foreskin opens after some days
Answer: Opening foreskin of penis is very necessary to remove smegma which is a white colour deposition which if gathered it causes infection... But one thing to keep in mind... Do it slowly esp during massage time and during bathing time... Oil is applied for lubrication so that foreskin can b moved easily... B gentle...
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Question: Is it necessary to give oil massage daily to a 1 year old baby? Kindly respond mommies over there
Answer: Yes dear, my baby is above 2 year. And I do everyday. And in 1 year age, I did twice a day. It is the way to relax your baby.
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Question: Should we use mustard oil, in the penis of a baby to open up the foreskin of the glans head of the penis. Is it safe to do this.?
Answer: Hi. No dear doctor dont recommend to do this and asks to avoid practising any such thing as it can be harm full for babies.
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