12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Some blood clot is there in abdomen in 12 week pregnancy that clot is near womb so this is normal or some serious problem???

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Answer: It will resolve by own . Have enough rest
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Question: This is first pregnancy and i see 2 times some spots in 6 week .is there any serious problem
Answer: Do not worry. These spots sometimes happen because of implantation of egg in utreus. Take complete bed rest for 10 to 15 days Plenty of water nimbu pani mausambi juice and nariyal pani Sleeping more on your left side will help Do not lift heavy weight Do not take stress It will be fine But if spotting increases then show doctor
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Question: I m 12 weeks pregnant . Sometimes there is Brown colour clot from vagina is normal or is serious???
Answer: hi dear the brown clotting may be due to implantation bleeding which is very normal in pregnancy but if you find it continuous then you have to consult doctor and take necessary precautions for pregnancy take care dear
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Question: Today morning in toilet i saw little blood clot in white discharge id normal or not is there any problem
Answer: It is not normal dear. Any kind of bleeding or discharge which isn't white has to be reported to doctor immediately. Please consult doctor as soon as possible. Hope it helps.
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