29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: So much dreaming in this trimester is normal?

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Answer: yes it is normal. mark it helpful if u like my answer
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Question: So much hair fall is this normal?
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy hairfall is common,many hair will go to resting phase, so follow these remedies... Have a nutritious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables, dryfruits, can include curry leaves in diet Drink more water Don't skip folic acid, calcium tablet You can also use homemade herbal oil, can also use a pack of greengram, it is protein rich, will help in preventing hairfall
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Question: Hi so much in trouble my nausea is not subsiding even after completing first trimester. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi,yes as in some cases it can continue longer.yiu should consult to the Dr as it will else make you dehydrated.also you should have something like whole wheat toast before stepping out of the bed Eat something every two hours You should have adequate water and fluids intake Have ginger honey paste one teaspoon. Have peppermint This should help too
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Question: So much back pain is this normal at this time
Answer: Hello... Back pain is normal, happen due to harmonal changes, weight gain,loosening of pelvic muscle, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Maintain correct posture to sit, transfering your weight equally to thighs Apply pain relieving ointment, and take warm water bath Try ice cube massage Do yoga will help a lot
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