12 months old baby

Question: So During My Pregnancy I Was Very Stressed. I Had A Lot Of Anxiety And Lost A Close Family Member All At Once. Now I Have My Baby Is Out And Healthy I Feel Like It All Effected Her. I Notice That She Doesnt Like For Me To Kiss Her, Hug Her Or Show Love. Where Can I Get Her Examined Or Help Her Out With This?

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Answer: Hello I went thought the exact same thing lost my dad lost my business n then I got pregnant it's definitely not easy on u or ur baby. My baby got super close to my sister n wouldn't come to me wch is very frustrating. Get interesting get her toys she loves show her how awesome u r get crazy with her things only she can do with u hug her n kiss her alot even if she does not want it she begin to enjoy u n u ll feel elevated. Hope I helped
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    Rayshma Khan920 days ago


Answer: Dont force her for anything.she is very little now.engage with her differently.like sing lullaby to her,play games,tell stories,take her outside.she loves you but her way of expression is different.try to understand her with patience.
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    Emily Castillo920 days ago

    Okay. Thank You. This Was Very Helpful.

Answer: Hello dear don't worry this is normal.. Try to spend more time with your baby.. Play with her.. Take her out for the parks etc. If you observe the same after few months then Consult your doctor
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    Emily Castillo920 days ago

    Thank You. This Gives Me Relif.

Answer: It's ur feeling...stay close to her..feed her ...play with her...talk to her....all will be fine
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