2 months old baby

Question: small white pimples are seen my babys face. what is that?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear, small white pimples or bumps on the face of the baby are caused by blocked oil glands..this is common in babies...you must wash your baby's face gently and wipe it dry and also avoid squeezing or pinching these white boils...these boils generally go away on their own..
Answer: Some time they are seen becoz of hot weather. Dont worry.
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Question: The baby face is full of small round shaped white pores are seen ,what the cause?
Answer: Hello dear. The condition u r referring could be mila or baby acne. They are extremely harmless and very common among babies. They usually appear on nose, chin or upper cheeks. They disappear on their own.yoj must not put any creams or ointments on his face till u notice this If it's been quite long like over a month and the condition has not improved u must talk to ur doctor for guidance. Hope my answer is helpful.
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Question: Small reddish pimples are coming on my babys face...why
Answer: Consult doctor ..General babies get red pimples due to skin irritation but that too be confirmed by doctor.
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Question: What causes rashes and small white pimples on babys face?
Answer: Hai, Sometimes in face white pimple may come because of ur milk which not clean properly...
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