2 months old baby

Question: Small pimples like red rashes on my baby face n neck...what i do

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Answer: Hi dear it is very normal to have small pimples and red rashes on the baby's face at this age because it is nothing but the hold over of the hormone which the baby carries outside do not Scrub squeeze or anything on the rashes I would suggest you to please clean them with fresh plain water while baking the baby otherwise there is no need to apply any cream lotion or powder they will subside on their own . Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby got red rashes or small pimples type marks on face..What can I do?
Answer: hi dear don't worry usually these all the due to the heat show the babies get heated allergic on faces this summer so please feed their baby frequency and after feeding mother you should take more water bodies writing small fruits which makes baby avoid getting more heat and also don't make baby to sleep on bed or polymer sources for the whole day which makes baby to get this rashes and also please don't use more stronger soap on babies face user very mild soap and also baby products always keep baby is a face clean up use antibacterial wipes to clean baby's face
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Question: My baby has got small rashes like pimples on face wht to do
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry I'm giving u some home remedies.u can use baking soda by adding 1part of it with 3 part of water and apply it on affected area.use olive oil with honey massage will also help u.Boil some neem leaves ,strain the extract then soak a cotton ball and apply it on affected part.May it will help u,Take care.
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Question: My baby got rashes on neck & face it is not red rashes bt very small small pimples so wt to do ?
Answer: Hi.. My baby also faced that problem .don't touch that pimples...clean the area daily two times with soft cloth..be alert on what you are eating...some kids may have milk allergy...if mom consume cow milk curd and dairy products the baby may have pimples.
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