15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: small hairs are developing in chin region during 4 th month of pregnency

1 Answers
Answer: Hi dear, Usually hormonal fluctuations result in unwanted hair growth in such places.male hormone androgen is responsible for that.it is not harmful or life threatening.it should be ok post delivery.donot shave it,but you can thread it or pluck it if it looks weird.
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Question: What are injection one has to take during 4 th month of pregnancy
Answer: Only tetanus injection are given if every thing is normal in pregnancy
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Question: I am developing hairs on my chin .. similar to beard hairs..how can I get rid of them..right now I am pregnant..
Answer: apply papaya and turmeric paste. apply for 20 min and scrub it and remove. after 5-6 attmpts it will reduce the hairs.
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Question: can we eat a small quantity of jackfruit during 6th month of pregnency
Answer: jackfruit produces heat..so you should avoid taking it during pregnancy but you can take it in small amount.
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