18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Small amount of white discharge is it normal

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Answer: Yes white discharge while pragnancy is normal... Even i am also having lots of white discharge so i am 23 weeks pragnant n i am still suffring from white discharge. So keep calm. B sfe
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    Tenzin Tsangba542 days ago

    N ya if its dark color or something very smelly n n plz go n concirn ur doctor.

Answer: Hi dear.. if u have any smell or itching then its a sign of infection.. consult doctor in that case.. drink more water..
Answer: Yes. Its normal don't worry about it
Answer: Yes it's very common
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Question: I have small amount of white discharge is it problem?
Answer: Hello dear, there's no need to worry.... White discharge is common during pregnancy.... Vaginal discharge tends to increase towards the end of pregnancy... If the discharge is pink or red or even brown and jelly like, it may be your mucus plug coming off...which seals the uterus during pregnancy... You could get it checked by your gynecologist..
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Question: Small amount of white discharge is happening.
Answer: It is very normal to have little bit of discharge during pregnancy but if it is a lot then you need to check with doctor
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Question: Is small amount of white discharge or transparent discharge is normal in 32 week of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes it is normal. White discharge happens due extra pressure on uterus.
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