20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sleeping postion? Can we sleep left side , on back and then turn right side.is it ok?

2 Answers
Answer: Yes it's ok. Either sides sleeping is fine.. it's normally suggested to avoid sleeping on the back side. Not good for the baby.
Answer: It is advisable to sleep in left lateral position. If u r sleeping on back then slightly elevate the head end of the bed
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Question: Sleeping on the left and right side makes my legs numb and painful. Can I sleep on back?
Answer: Hi you can also use recliner with good pillow support to relax for sometime, occasionally lying on back for half an hour will not hurt , so you can do that , but don't lie on back for continue sleep. Please keep moving your fingers in leg and try to rotate ankles. It helps , best wishes dear
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Question: Mam...which sleep position is best at this stage?I used to sleep on left side but don't feel comfortable...and in midnight i turn to right side.Is there any effect sleeping on the right side??
Answer: At this time sleeping becomes tough. Its better to sleep on left but can change to right for few minutes. On left side sleep have a back pillow support. Sleeping on right may cause heartburn and reduces blood flow for the baby. Try maternity pillows.
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Question: while sleeping turning from left to right or either side , can we turn directly or get up turn the other side and sleep?
Answer: You can change sides directly... But being careful.. it won't hurt now.. but when your tummy will grow bigger.. you might feel it difficult.. changing sides carefully is important
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