13 months old baby

Question: sleeping is the big issue with my baby... 😑

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Answer: This is common in the babies under 12 months. Here are the few tips to help you with that. 1. If you are a feeding mother then keep feeding him when ever he gets up, and pat him slowly until he gets back to sleep. 2. Try not to look into his eyes when he gets up 3. Make sure that he is well fed. 4. Some babies wake up in between when they want to pee. So if he is wearing diaper then it's Ok otherwise try to make him pee and put back or sleep. 5. Check your room that whether the light is proper or not. It should not be too dark or too light. 6. Some babies wakes up even if the slightest of sound they hear. So make sure that no disturbance form sound is there. 7. Try to sing his favourite lullaby in slow voice. 8. Try to fix his daily afternoon and night sleeping timings. So that it becomes a habit. I followed these steps for my kid too. I hope this helps you :)
Answer: All mother's have the complaint that babies don't sleep... It's ok... Babies are supposed to be active... Try making them more active in morning so that thy rest more in the night
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Answer: If you are sharing same bed with your baby then yes it will be great to follow covid protocols . as long as your baby will be there with you. I know it's difficult but as a part of safety measure you have to do that. It will be great if you have baby cradle or baby cot then keep baby in that. That will help to resolve this problem.
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