21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Single umbilical artery is present.left umbilical artery is absent. Is there any issues for my baby?

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Answer: Sometimes there is a single umbilical artery but nothing can be done the doctors will monitor the growth of the baby if the baby is getting proper blood from the mother then there is nothing to worry as long as the weight of the baby is fine
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Question: Today i do anamoly scan. There is only single umbilical artery absent on right side there is any prblm.
Answer: Hey, Usually umbilical cord has 1vein and 2 arteries.However occasionally one artery only may be present.This usually doesnt affect the baby s health.SUA has a slighty higher risk of having kidney problems but if scan shows kidneys are fine then nothing to worry again. all the best, good luck.
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Question: Is there any problem if have single umbilical artery
Answer: Hi dear, Single umbilical artery is most of the time is not an issue.i had it too and post delivery my baby was prescribed renal scan.it came normal and she's absolutely fine.now she's 5 years with no issue.
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Question: My first baby was born by single umbilical artery so second baby will also have single umbilical artery? Is there any chance?
Answer: Hi, chances are less dear. As there is no link between that. Every pregnancy is different, hence please don't worry. Try to stay active and fit.
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