34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Single loop of nuchal cord around neck create problem in normal delivery. My baby is in head down position.

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Answer: Single loop of cord around the baby's neck never creates problem.The only way it could cause a problem is if the umbilical cord became so compressed Which usually happens when you get labour contractions,at that time doctors will monitor heart rate of baby, if heart is is dropping during contractions, then your doctor might ask you for C section if nothing unusual vaginal delivery can be expected.
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Question: Breech position with single loop of cord around the neck??
Answer: Hi dear nothing to worry as baby moves the loop will loosen itself from the bsbys neck. it won't be a problem but if the baby is still in breech position you will have a cesarean. Take care dear
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Question: At 34th week ultrasound baby was in head down postition but single loop of cord around neck is this normal for normal delivery.
Answer: Single cord around baby's neck is not a problem for normal delivery. Only thing that labour has to be done very carefully, fetal heart monitoring should be done frequently Sometimes cord itself get unlocked. But also cord around neck sometimes create problems for the baby during delivery Therefore you are supposed to go with the advice of your doctor
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Question: Single loop of cord around baby's neck ,is it a problem for normal delivery?
Answer: Hie Single loop around the neck isn't unusual during pregnancy Scan would be done to check how loose is the cord around neck and accordingly decision is taken Normal delivery is possible they remove the cord while delivery so don't worry it's okay Take care of yourself and don't stress
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