35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Single loop of cord around neck is something to worry?? Plz answer

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Answer: Hello! This is generally a common phenomenon faced by many women. There is nothing to worry, just keep a watch on the movements of your babysitting and if anytime you find the movements too be less, called the doctor immediately.
Answer: Nothing to worry.. but do watch ur baby movements.. if it is less consult ur doc immediately.. and while sleeping getup and switch to other side instead of lying
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    Krishna Roshan1106 days ago

    Thank u mam

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Question: What is the meaning of single loop cord around neck. Is it thing to worry
Answer: Hi dear, Single loop cord is one round wrap of umbilical cord around baby neck.Cord around neck though sounds frightening but it is not that scary. Your doctor would analyse how tight or loose is the cord around the baby. Many women deliver normally with cord around baby.so donot worry it's not that dangerous.
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Question: Am 33 weeks pregnant and single loop of loose cord around the baby's neck, is it something to worry ??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy single lose chord you need not worry about it there are chances of normal delivery too there are chances for it to become normal at the time of delivery doctor will check do not worry if you get any discomfort get checked do not neglect or delay
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Question: Single loop of cord around neck In my ultrasound report.do I need to worry
Answer: Hello dear, Cord around the neck is commonly occurring in some of the births. Most of time, we don't know about it going into labor and the cord is simply unwrapped and the baby is fine. Rarely is the nuchal cord wrapped so tight that it causes the issue.
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