1 months old baby

Question: Single loop of cord around baby is seen in ultrasound today.. Is it dangerous? Is normal delivery possible ?

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Answer: Hi, There is nothing to worry about this. Even my baby had one loop around neck, and I delivered him normally. Until and unless there is some other complication at last minute, normal delivery is completely possible.
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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery if a single loop of cord seen around the neck???
Answer: hi dear! Happy Republic Day ! yes dear it is very much possible. a single loop generally causes no problem dear. as the baby is getting the oxygen and the blood with nutrients from the cord itself so it wont choke the baby as the baby is not breathing with the nose. you will have to keep a track on the baby's heart beats. so first they will deliver the head , then they will remove the cord from the neck and then the rest of the body will be delivered. take care dear! i hope this information was of help to you !
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Question: Ultrasound show cord around neck single loop do i need to worry, is normal delivery possible
Answer: Their is possibility that this cord is remove in coming week....keep ur self active....walk as much as possible.....after a week pocha lagao....the above help in both normal delivery and cord removing......and their is possibility of normal delivery with loop also
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Question: Today Single loop of cord seen around the neck of my baby.. Is it dangerous?
Answer: It is completely normal baby getting loop around neck because of continuous baby movements and space constraint. There are chances that cord might come out of neck as well while baby moves next. Do not worry about it. Stay positive and be happy :)
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