38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Single loop near the neck so in this situation can i go for the normal delivery

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Answer: Hi dear if there is a single loop in the baby's neck then at 38 weeks of pregnancy it still can slid and a normal delivery is possible but if there are two or more loops around the neck of the baby then the doctors won't take a chance and go for an emergency C section .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi!..in my usg report, a single loop of cord is seen around the neck of foetus..in this situation is normal delivery possible? Plz reply.
Answer: Hi.. it actually depends on the baby.. some babies can resist contractions and some cannot..doctors monitor normal delivery and if they find that baby can't resist then need to go for emergency c section.. all the best
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Question: Single loop near nape of the fetal neck means ?
Answer: hi many babies which have single loop around the neck and born vaginally however at the time of delivery the doctor will monitor the Heartbeat of the baby Heartbeat of the baby starts falling the doctor will advise for the c-section delivery as the doctor will continue with vaginal delivery do not worry also keep monitoring the baby movements if you feel that a baby movements are reduced you should consult the doctor
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Question: Normal delivery is possibl when single loop around the neck??
Answer: Yes absolutely dear, with single loop around baby neck normal delivery is possible..
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