36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Single Cord loop around the neck...normal delivery possible?

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Answer: Yes totally possible.if dere is one loop than its totally normal babies in womb fiddle n have it looped around neck it's very slimy n harmless . If it's more than 1 loop than poses danger
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Question: In my scan report single loop cord around the neck possible to normal delivery
Answer: Hi When the umbilical cord is wrapped around the fetal neck in 360 dgrees it is called as nuchal cord. Mostly nuchal cords resolve on their own as they are caused by baby movements Doctor will advise regular follow ups to see the nuchal cord placement and also check fetal heart rate regularly to ensure oxygen and nutrients supply to fetus is not obstructed. In severe cases a c section is advised
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Question: Single loop cord around the neck means what is normal delivery possible with that
Answer: Hi dear, Cord around neck though sounds frightening but it is not that scary. Your doctor would analyse how tight or loose is the cord around the baby. Many women deliver normally with cord around baby.so donot worry it's not that dangerous.my friend had delivered vaginally her baby who had 2 loops round neck.
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Question: My baby has single loop of cord around the neck. Is normal delivery possible.. please suggest
Answer: If the route of code is used when there is no problem in getting normal delivery with one round of cord around baby's neck but if round of cord is more than one then it's very difficult to deliver baby through vagina so you will need to go with C section delivery in this case
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